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-Dick and Jason are normal students :D
-maybe some OOC but fk it all(
-don't be serious, is my imagination.

"Jason, I need to tell you something." Dick looks serious, just like he broke Alfred's flavorous cup in the manor.

"No bullshit." Jason still focus on the paper, he almost forget he need to hand-in term paper tomorrow. He feels twitchy as the progress is not well.

"Could you just let the paper go and look at me for a few second? I'm extremely serious!" Dick seem dissatisfied of Jason's reaction. He grasps the paper and throw it alway.

"Shit! What's the fucking wrong with you? That's my term paper! You fucking asshole!"Jason want to pick up his paper however Dick don't let him leave the seat.

"I think I love you."


"I said I love you,"

"......" Jason is totally shocked by Dick, he gazes him silently.

"Well...Wally I finished!" Dick turn around and shout to the door.

"Jason, I'm sorry as I'm playing truth or dare."

"What the...FUCK OFF!" Jason feel furious. He almost believe what Dick say. He punches on his face and focus on his assignment again.

However, no one hide behind the door. It's not a joke.

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